Why Pangnote a roaring Hosting services exchange and does not look like a forum
2018-08-14T14:46:04.069Z14 August 2018

Why Pangnote a roaring Hosting services exchange and does not look like a forum

Most Internet users believed for years that the forum is the best tool to find services/products. And it is only natural that new platforms for searching for services are now replacing forums. Our Pangnote is exactly the last one. Recognizing that no one abolished Moore's law, we created a platform on which you will find a maximum of accurate and relevant information and you will not have to deal with an infinite number of replies on the forums.

The undoubted advantage of the forum is that it is very convenient to communicate and view old topics, so you can actually find the answer to a question without even asking it. But it takes more time.

How is the request processed on the forum?

The scheme for forming a query on the forums is familiar to everyone. You create a thread, get a portion of the replies both related to your topic of the request and not on the topic, give an explanation to the query, again get a bunch of messages that can no longer be related with your request and the thread on forum. As a result, you get information that is not only subjective, it also may be not related with your inquiry.

How is the request processed for Pangnote?

You need to click on the section you are interested in and start the search in the "Stock tables", in case you do not find the service you are interested in, you can always create a inquiry with a clear description of your requirements, and after a short time, get offers in the form of stock chart from different companies that are already registered on the Pangnote platform. You can make a decision which offer is financially more acceptable for you that will be based on this chart, as well as find out how high the quality of services is provided by the company that made you an offer. You can study competitors and get a favorable market price. All this, and more, you will find on the Pangnote!



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