The failure of the cloud: how to react
2018-08-11T13:26:47.772Z11 August 2018

The failure of the cloud: how to react

Failures on the side of an IT infrastructure provider can occur for a variety of reasons. For example, even with a point error while updating the firmware of one of the technological elements. On the other hand, any errors can be remedied by excellent work later. We all know about hundreds of news stories with stories about failures in the largest corporations. But who remembers what really caused a specific failure? The way a company gets out of this situation is remembered much more the exactly failures.

Cloud providers often face an incorrect understanding of the essence of their work on the part of clients. For example, the simplest division of IaaS-providers into UDP- and TCP-providers. The first one provides more opportunities for scaling, but pay less attention to reliability. The second one on the contrary. Of course, we speak in very simple words, but in reality there are no hidden knowledge from the user.

There are problems

Everyone makes a mistake. At the software update level, hardware problems, or management errors. There are also more curious situations. For example, problems with cooling and automatic operate protective mechanisms.

Mass coverage of the problems of large IaaS-providers is blurring the real picture, which is that there are failures on the part of ordinary companies that use their IT infrastructure. Here it is worth noting that this is written and told very, very rarely, because of the closed nature of such information.

Thus, it is very difficult to assess the real distribution between providers and their own infrastructure. You can only say that the provider has a specialized expertise to address even the most difficult freelance situations. A business that is not directly connected with this field (for example, a digital agency) can not always boast such knowledge and the availability of specialized specialists.

When choosing and working with your IT infrastructure or using cloud services, IaaS-provider should pay attention to the guarantees that the provider of services provides to you. It is important to be aware of the risks and prepare for the worst. This approach will help to understand the probability of failure and be prepared when it will occur. 



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