Is it true that hosting is important for SEO of your site?
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Is it true that hosting is important for SEO of your site?

This is a question that worries many people: those who already have their own website and those who are just planning to launch it. It should be noted that in the network you can find hundreds of different opinions. In fact, hosting can affect the SEO of your site. Therefore it is important to find a good hosting company. And you need to approach this issue no less responsibly than to the selection of keywords. There are 3 important factors that need to be pointed.

Uptime / Downtime
High site uptime allows search engines to regularly index the site and improve its position. The best indicator of uptime is 99.98%. In this case, the site is running smoothly, the search bot is always on. The continuous operation of the site depends on the hosting. If the hosting provider has powerful servers, does not save on components, protects sites from cyber attacks and quickly responds to all sorts of problems, you can count on high uptime and successful website promotion.

The speed of opening a site depends on how many percent the server resources are used (hard disk, RAM, processor). Each tariff plan has its own limits. If they are constantly exceeded, it is advisable to switch to a different service tariff. The resource capacity of the server is difficult to determine immediately, so you can take advantage of the test period and do a hosting analysis of different providers.

Hosting trusted by search engines
Hosting for SEO can not be free for one reason: low trust of search engines. A free service is a low speed of loading pages, failures in work, low server performance, lack of technical support in case of problems. It is believed that the free hosting hosted amateur projects, and business companies prefer the choice of hosting for a site with better paid servers. Therefore, search engines do not specifically index such sites and do not allow them to rise in the ranking.

Location of the server
If the site does not have a lot of graphic images, dynamic elements, then the remote location of the servers does not effect the speed of the site's response, page load. If the site is "heavy", then it is better to use hosting, located closer to the target audience. 



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