What is the guarantee of effective cloud infrastructure
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What is the guarantee of effective cloud infrastructure

The trend of the transfer to the cloud is at full blast, therefore, both large and small companies are trying to follow it, believing that the transfer of computing resources and data warehouses to public platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform, will lead to a significant reduction in the cost of technical support and administration of its own data centers and eliminate the need for constant hardware upgrades. Pursuing trends many companies do not understand how to take advantage of the public cloud, not allowing over expenditures. IT teams often incorrectly calculate the cost of moving the infrastructure, using the "lift-and-shift" technique (migration to the new environment of all data center equipment), which is more typical for calculating costs for IaaS than for PaaS.


Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage that ane enterprise receives during of infrastructure transfer to cloud services is the increase in speed, but it must be understood that in this case, the increase in speed means not the increase in application performance, but the speed with which the adopted solution finds its embodiment.

When connecting the cloud platform to the enterprise networks, there is no need to conduct any commissioning, testing equipment and software, connecting one to the other - preparing for the launch of infrastructure in the cloud requires only a few clicks. Project managers are actually spared from searching for third-party software, buying it, licensing and installing it on local machines - all of this is already in the cloud in the form of SaaS.


What actions did the enterprise take after it became understood that it was clearly lacking the power of the 10-node MPP SQL cluster that links the local application architecture to the cloud and that instead of 10 nodes it had to connect 20? This question does not require much thought, because in the cloud the cluster size can be modified in a few minutes, then you need to wait until it connects to the local data center (it will take a few more minutes), restart the initialization process, and then 10 nodes can be used in cluster.

Management of computing resources and transparency of costs

Cloud platforms give another advantage: management of computer resources - it can either be increased, or reduced, depending on the need at a particular point in time. For example, if one day of the week you want to start working with data that requires intensive processing power (data backup, copying large databases) for eight hours, the consumption of processor resources can be adjusted so that at the end of this process it is reduced to normal loads.



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