Looking where to buy IPv4 addresses?
2018-08-30T20:44:26.912Z30 August 2018

Looking where to buy IPv4 addresses?

Before Microsoft's purchase of more than half a million IP addresses have not considered by Internet registrars as objects of sale, because it is neither an intellectual property item nor network traffic associated with IP addresses. This is just a set of digits for routing. Buyer demand has increased by IPv4 addresses due to ICANN's official announcement that the IPv4 address pool has been exhausted. Applications for a limited amount of this resource have already been made several times. The Internet community sees the way out of the current situation in the adoption of a new IPv6 protocol. Work has been going on for a long time in this direction. But this does not affect the fact that the purchase of IPv4 allows you to delay the transition to version 6, which is profitable, from the point of view of management.

Therefore, in these conditions, registrars must organize a platform for legal trading of IP addresses between market participants, the prices of which will be determined by the balance of supply and demand. Only in this case the black market will disappear. Many RIRs already have rules and policies according to which the owner of the block of IP-addresses can return it to the registrar with the indication of the new owner, while the RIR does not participate in financial transactions between the parties to the transaction (so-called in-RIR transfer).

So far there are no centralized services for the sale of IP resources. All transfers of this kind take a long time, with the longest it is to find a buyer / seller and agree on a price. Knowing this our platform Pangnote offers its users a solution for quickly finding a partner for a deal or simply to monitor the situation on the market. We strive to ensure that our users receive the most relevant information about this non-standard asset and about the owners of this asset. All owners offering for sale network first provide information about their company and declare that they have the right to dispose of the resource.

Using Pangnote, you can get information about the IP itself. We have developed a number of tools for this.



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