IP lease and maintenance of autonomous systems AS
2018-09-01T09:33:18.898Z1 September 2018

IP lease and maintenance of autonomous systems AS

Internet companies, and all representatives of the corporate sphere, faced the expected, but still extremely embarrassing problem: the pool of free IP-addresses is exhausted. As a result, companies will have to change routers and other network equipment.

The fact that the stock of IPv4 addresses is not infinite was spoken a few years ago. But we specified that there are no grounds for panic, after all, IPv6 is being introduced, and the number of these free addresses is measured by trillions. The problems will only be for those users who will not change in time to the equipment of the new standard, capable of assigning a new standard to IP devices. But there are a lot of such providers, and while they prefer expensive rental of IP subnets.

To allocate new IP networks or IP lease, you need AS. A few facts about AS:

- AS has its own sequence number - ASN, which is used in the BGP dynamic routing protocol. All IP addresses are assigned to an AS.

- There are the following types of AS:

 - public

 - multihomed (having 2 or more uplinks)

 - stub (having 1 uplink)

 - transit (passing through itself the traffic of other AS)

 - AS is governed by the RFC 1930 standard.

To get an ASN you do not need to have RIR membership. Your company can turn to any LIR and with its help to get own AS. Through the LIR, you will communicate with your RIR, provide your documents (up to the description of the network structure and the rationale for the need for PI). After you get your own AS, you need to ask the provider about the announcement.

All this process may seem complicated enough, however you can always ask your provider to help you or ask for advice from the companies that have already faced it. Pangnote unites the representatives of the hosting industry precisely so that they can always find a service quickly.



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