Pillars of E-commerce hosting: high speed and up-time
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Pillars of E-commerce hosting: high speed and up-time

Today, thanks to free templates and affordable web hosting many entrepreneurs choose to create their own online store. Online stores are very dynamic. Compared to conventional non-commercial Web sites they require much more opportunities. As a rule, e-commerce resources are more demanding both in terms of the number of pages, and in terms of visitors creating traffic. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of e-commerce hosting, because the down of the site, its low download speed can immediately lead to loss of customers and a decrease in revenue.

The use of hosting with insufficient processing power and unstable internet connections can often block access to your site. This not only leads to the inability to view web pages or stop sales in the e-commerce system, but also leads to a low ranking of the site in search engines such as Google and Bing. Usually a guaranteed up-time level of 99.5% is sufficient, but sometimes 99.9% or more is required. The work of your site can be monitored using the appropriate tools.
For example, financial transactions based on a hosting company require the choice of a provider with high levels of uptime, preferably above 99.5%, is the key to the success of your site. Avoid companies that have an uninterrupted operation rate below 99%.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the protection of data and the availability of backup copies of sites. The current wave of cyber threats has led to an increase in the number of sites targeted by various types of attacks. Such actions often lead to irreparable losses, the inability to recover data encrypted by the extortion program. Therefore, regular backup of data becomes very important. You should choose a hosting that provides regular backups, which will allow you to restore your site if it still suffers from hacker or other unpredictable events.



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