How AI can help network administrators
2018-08-03T10:48:14.962Z3 August 2018

How AI can help network administrators

AI has plenty ways of use. Companies that develop automated, self-learning networks based on AI have identified and presented on the eWeek portal five areas for network administration that AI in which can help:

The processing of natural language will add to the «humanity» for AI. NLP (Natural language processing) makes it possible to simplify the requests understood by the machine as much as possible, to give a search for flexibility, to adjust the ranking of functions, data mining, and much more that IT professionals need. The automation of AI removes them from the need to manually sift huge amounts of data.

Automatic correlation of events will halve the time for troubleshooting

AI can quickly identify, isolate and fix errors found on multiple domains. Collect events and capture network traffic; normalization of collected information; centralized data storage; filtering of received data; classification and prioritization of information; correlation; visualization and information - all these tasks will be performed an order of magnitude faster, which can save up to 40% of the current costs of network maintenance.

Install, apply and monitor user policies

AI will come to the rescue if you need to configure and then monitor key parameters of the user's performance when working with the network. For example, in the wireless network settings, you can adjust the connection time, network capacity, determine coverage and bandwidth. Accumulation of these data will allow AI to monitor the quality of the network services, bringing its quality to the level that is required for this or that employee to perform the tasks assigned to it.

Behavioral analysis, work with global metadata

Modern IT tools based on AI have proactive protection, which allows them to detect abnormal network behavior and determine the scale of incidents. Collecting and tracking user-supplied metadata with the help of the MoD opens a broader view of cybersecurity and helps to identify global trends.

Machine learning will improve the accuracy of locating

The accuracy with which MO instruments can calculate the location of a desired object in a wireless network varies from one to three meters, with the technical result of increasing the bandwidth of data channels without necessarily installing beacon transmitters. Among other things, it allows you to deploy personalized according to the location services.



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