Sale of IPv4: from agreement till receipt of payment
2018-09-08T19:51:04.552Z8 September 2018

Sale of IPv4: from agreement till receipt of payment

Having the right strategy is the key to the successful sale of IPv4. You must control the sale from the very beginning of the process until you receive payment, and the buyer get all rights. You know that you have valuable and claimed assets like IPv4 addresses, but are not sure how to monetize it, and what risks should be avoided in the process. With the advent of IPv6, your IPv4 addresses are an asset sooner or later become obsolete, and you should get the best price out of available in the current market conditions. It is necessary to find all the options for selling IPv4, whether they are in the region or outside the region. For those who only want to reduce the amount of IP's, you can sell only a part of your block, while keeping the amount you need. To get acquainted with the current prices, to find out how many IPv4 addresses you have today, you need to analyze the tables on the Pangnote platform or on numerous auction sites.

We provide details of organizations which are considering the option of selling IPv4 to ARIN, APNIC and RIPE platform with hundreds of registered participants, as well as expertise and customer service in registrar organizations. We will work with you to monitor the entire process of selling IPv4 from start to finish.

Take into account the following features:

The size of the transmitted block can not be less than / 24.

The receiving LIR must confirm that it will create sub-blocks of the ASSIGNED PA type.

According to the RIPE NCC guidelines, the received unit is not allowed to be re-transmitted within 2 years (24 months).

The seller must have access to the account in the RIR database.

Payment will be with an independent guarantor, while in the base of your RIR your MNT will not be replaced by the MNT of buyer. After that, the guarantor transfers to your account the full amount of the purchase.



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