What to expect if you decided not to use SSL?
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What to expect if you decided not to use SSL?

Initially, the idea of using SSL was to create a secure communication channel for the transaction path between the user and the server. Certificates work on the principle of exchanging unique keys that are recognized only by these devices. The key is a guarantee that every byte of the transmitted data will be encrypted and decrypted safely, without the possibility of hackers acting on the principle of "man in the middle" to connect to the communication channel.

The services of SSL-certificates began to use online stores, the purpose of which was to protect customer data (personal and transactional). The certificate ensures that customers can view and pay for orders on the store pages without worrying about data loss.

To determine the presence of a secure connection, several methods have been created:

• Site connections works over HTTPS, not over HTTP;

• The appearance of a green lock in the address bar of the browser;

• Website address bar turns green.

What is the difference between SSL and TLS?

In the 1990s, Netscape used the term SSL, creating the first security protocols for its Netscape Navigator browser. As vulnerabilities were discovered, versions were constantly revised, eventually replacing the original protocol with a new version of TLS. But most got used to the primary meaning, leaving the term Secure Sockets Layer: now the term SSL is used to describe a TLS – connection.

The lack of an SSL certificate puts users at risk:

1. If fraudsters get the opportunity to control purchases, they will be able to redirect the client to a third-party page in the browser.

2. Criminals can skip a transaction by finding out the address and billing information.

3. Unsafe sites can be hacked and used to display offensive or pornographic content.

4. Scammers are important data not only the payment card. They can steal user information and use it for their own purposes: to send spam messages, advertisements, and so on.

Today, search engines understand the value of sites that work on HTTPS and put them in priority over others. Ignoring SSL will hit not only your reputation, but also SEO ranking.



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