New drives for data centers: Toshiba introduced the SSD, and Seagate has released the HDD
2018-10-04T19:08:47.953Z4 October 2018

New drives for data centers: Toshiba introduced the SSD, and Seagate has released the HDD


The Japanese company Toshiba has introduced a new SSD for data centers. The CD5, XD5 and HK6-DC models are designed so that the data center can work with high performance and workload processing tasks, ensuring trouble-free operation at low power consumption for tasks with high data reading rates.

New SSD drives use 3D NAND flash technology (BiCS Flash), which is based on a 64-layer proprietary architecture and technology for placing 3 data bits in one cell. The presented devices have a volume of from 960 to 7680 GB with a capacity of 500,000/35,000 random read / write operations per second with a power consumption of 9 to 14 watts.

These SSDs are optimized to reduce latency and consistency in performance when working with high-intensity data reading loads and are designed for systems based on the Open Compute platform, as well as cloud solutions.

The HK6-DC series features SSDs with a SATA 6 Gb / s interface with a capacity of 960 GB, 1.92 TB and 3.84 TB. The cost of equipment is not specified.


Seagate Technology has introduced a series of hard drives designed for corporate customers and consumers.The new line includes drives for network storage, a hard drive for desktops, solutions for network video surveillance and for hyper-scalable data centers.

Models are equipped with NAS firmware that supports high-performance RAID, dual-plane balancing. Hard drives have a spindle speed of 7,200 rpm, a maximum transfer rate of 250 MB / s and a large 256 MB cache.

The hard drives of the new line have the lowest power consumption in the industry and the highest-class performance. The presented devices went on sale and cost from 530 to 620 dollars.



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