Why IT costs are growing and how to reduce it
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Why IT costs are growing and how to reduce it

The modern IT infrastructure of the enterprise can not be compared to the one that existed several decades ago. Mainframes, locally deployed software - all this is a thing of the past, and they are replaced by flexible cloud environments, multi-data centers, EMM solutions, containers, not to mention that, most likely, in a few years, many everyday network tasks administration will be addressed through artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation.

Why expenses are growing?

There are more personal devices. Smartphones, tablets, laptops firmly fit into the corporate standard. Employees rely less and less on stationary computers, combining personal and working mobile devices to perform work tasks. On the one hand, it can be regarded as a positive change - companies have to buy less new equipment, as the staff uses personal gadgets in their work; on the other hand, mobile gadgets turn the company's infrastructure into a complex and difficult to manage ecosystem, requiring compatibility and security solutions.

The network configuration becomes more complicated. The more devices become in the enterprise, the more difficult the communications become, given that the same gadget, for example, a smartphone, can be used both for solving work tasks and for personal purposes. In addition, the network is filled with various connected devices, especially this relates to Internet devices of things. And if before the IB-staff and network administrators had to catch only viruses for the PC, now it is necessary to pay attention to the search for mobile rootkits and malware.

The data volume is growing. According to some estimates, last year the enterprises spent on the purchase of products for working with large data, for example, BI-solutions, $ 57 billion, but this is not the limit - this year they expect even greater costs. Enterprises are compelled to go to them, knowing full well that having an adjusted data collection and processing strategy gives them a competitive advantage.

How to reduce costs

Atomization IT functions. Software for automation can not be classified as inexpensive, but it will in any case be cheaper than an additional staff unit that will perform the same duties.

Have the staff for the solution of IT-tasks. Specialized technical support is expensive, so it makes sense to delegate the execution of some IT tasks to individual employees who are ready for training. Usually for this it is required to pass courses, but it will not be superfluous and a constant self-study.

Outsourcing. Having calculated the direct costs of IT staff salaries, the cost of organizing the work process (cost of jobs, including areas, training and development costs, risk management), many companies do not want to service and upgrade their IT infrastructure by giving it away partially or fully) into the hands of companies specializing in customer service organizations. Among the advantages of this approach is the lack of staff turnover, the firm does not depend on the human factor. 



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