Tips to guide the data centers in 2018
2018-08-26T11:15:05.003Z26 August 2018

Tips to guide the data centers in 2018

In order to do business, you need a strategy. Below, data center operators are offered some scenarios that should be adhered to and avoided.

What you should not to do

Talk to IT specialists in different languages. Ultimately, business success depends on the ability of the data center manager to manage the infrastructure of the company rationally and to control its operation. In view of the threat of serious financial losses, those senior management who do not learn to speak the same language with the IT department are at great risk.

Do not forget to use real time analytics. In an age where it's always important to stay in touch, and unforeseen activity jumps have already become normal, the use of real-time analytics in relation to the data center is the key to prosperity in this area of ​​activity. Disregard of this need puts the data center in a disadvantageous position, and the data center staff has nothing to do but to react to the occurrence of certain events. Real-time analytics allows technicians to flexibly serve the DC by tracking workloads.

Do not ignore the automation of manual processes. DC automation allows data center operators to save approximately 40% of the working time that previously was spent on manual operations. These include the constant filling of spreadsheets and the physical bypass of the data center with a tape measure in hand. It is noteworthy that 43% of the data centers are still manually planning the capacity and forecasting the download.

What is worth doing

Use your own product. Dogfooding is the practice of testing and implementing a technical solution in the very company where it was developed. This approach not only allows you to test the product and work out all the errors and sources of problems, as well as enables companies to implement their own designs to cheaply solve real business problems.

Plan regular data center checks. Being a volatile, constantly developing object, the data center also requires regular preventive inspections that will allow its operators to keep their hands on the pulse of their data center in order to ensure trouble-free operation of the business.

In addition to regular alerts, use active policy management tools. In addition to alerts about load jumps, sudden temperature increases, or ghost servers (under-loaded servers), data center operators can resort to APM (active policy management) to monitor the data center in real time.



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