Cloud DRaaS as a cloud-based server disaster recovery service
2018-09-13T10:32:17.212Z13 September 2018

Cloud DRaaS as a cloud-based server disaster recovery service

Most customers, even if they have fault-tolerant virtual machine clusters, and do not perform regular backups regularly, do not pay enough attention to the DRP. And faced with some serious malfunction, for example, the failure of a cluster of virtual servers, the failure of a data storage system or another technogenic disaster of the data center, the company is in an emergency situation, which was not prepared in advance. Such events often lead to multi-million dollar losses for business.

To be ready for such incidents, each company must have a pre-prepared DRP plan. A DRP disaster recovery plan or plan is a document describing the sequence of actions that must be performed to restore the operation of the IT infrastructure in the event of a malfunction or disaster in the main data center.

Cloud DRaaS is a cloud-based service for rapid disaster recovery of virtual servers in a backup data center in the event of partial or complete failure of the main data center of the customer. The Cloud DRaaS service ensures that all virtual servers are continuously replicated from the main data center of the client to the backup data center. In case of failure of the main data center, the "Failover" procedure is activated, and all virtual machines automatically start working in the external cloud.

The Cloud DRaaS service provides RTO and RPO for no more than 15 minutes.

The Veeam BackUp & Replication server is installed in the data center of the customer, which replicates virtual machines in Veeam Cloud Connect in the cloud LanCloud. In the event of a failure, the customer activates the failover procedure, and all virtual servers are started in the LanCloud cloud. In this case, the L2 VPN tunnel is automatically installed to the customer infrastructure, which allows all servers to remain accessible through the internal network for the same IP addresses. When the main data center is restored, the administrator can start the Failback procedure and all servers will be backed up and started in the data center of the customer with the actual data.

Thus, cloud service Cloud DRaaS allows you to significantly reduce the risks associated with data loss and business downtime, without capital investment in the IT infrastructure.



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