What should the client look for in the data center?
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What should the client look for in the data center?

Data center as a business is firstly providing infrastructure for rent, secondly the procedure for rendering services on this infrastructure to customers of this data center as a business. Proceeding from this, it is possible to make a list of what the clement is looking for in an ideal DC and how it should be.

1. Size matters

This is a consequence of the fact that the infrastructure is leased, i.е. it is a financially capacious tool. People took, conditionally, 100 million invested in infrastructure, and this infrastructure in the model monthly or otherwise provide a certain pool of its customers for rent. There is a law of scale: the more a company, the more access to capital markets, the easier it is for them to borrow, the easier it is for them to live and build business on the scale effects.

2. For a good data center it is the main type of business, for a very good data center it is the only type of business

Because if the company deals with the delivery of pizza, taxi, call-center, beauty salon network, and incidentally, they open a small data center in one of the beauty salons we can't say that the procedures for servicing the data center in such a company will somehow, then they are well debugged. Because the shareholders there have 33 cases, and the revenue from these data centers is 5% in the reporting ... There is no point in getting killed and doing the perfect service if it is not the main one. Why, if it brings 10% of revenue?

3. Staff is more than important

Because according to statistics, 60% of data center failures are a human factor, i.e. as any complex mechanism, until a person does something by mistake, by mistake, by accident. And all these errors are due to the person, because of the staff.

4. Long-term cooperation

The longer the contract for services, the more likely, you, as a consumer, will be able to bargain for yourself better conditions for cooperation with the data center. Because the data center as a business that provides infrastructure for rent, it is more profitable to have the longest lease contract.



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