IPv4 blocks rental: prices and conditions
2018-09-09T21:15:55.554Z9 September 2018

IPv4 blocks rental: prices and conditions

The lease of IPv4 blocks is targeted specifically to meet the needs for IPv4 addresses of companies and enterprises operating in mission-critical IT systems and networks that should not be compromised by the growing exhaustion of these IPv4 addresses. There are specialists whose field of expertise is providing an IPv4 address for rent for a long period, providing confidence in the future for customers.

For all other vendors of the hosting industry or government organizations, this type of activity remains incomprehensible. Here are FAQ that will help you understand the current situation.

Is the lease of IPv4 blocks legal?

Yes. Companies that prefer to rent out their unused IPv4 address space can do this freely. There are no known legal restrictions in any state, region or continent that prohibit a company wishing to lease its blocks to do so.

Where do brokers get their IP address blocks?

They have direct contacts with companies that own large blocks of address space, but do not use most or all of this space. They manage this space and conclude deals renting IPv4 blocks directly.

Can I own get IP blocks for rent?

When renting IPv4 blocks, you are dealing with an IP address recorder and the resource cannot be transferred to a permanent possession. However, depending on the location of the registrar and customers, sometimes the transfer of ownership may not be possible due to the policy governing the management of IP addresses in two different regions. The team of experts will evaluate all opportunities and provide the best solution for customers.

What is abuse policy regarding?

Most companies have a zero tolerance policy for customers that will use IP addresses in illegal activities. The legal team is always ready to handle such cases in the strictest possible conditions.

The cost of renting an IP block?

In the market there is a constant rise in price of rent of IP addresses also intensively as well as the process of their exhaustion. At the beginning of the third quarter of 2018, the value of the exchange fluctuated between 1-1.5 USD per 1 IP. But every owner has his own valuable policy. It is most profitable to conclude a contract for 12 months.



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