What for was Pangnote created for?
2018-08-14T14:27:41.915Z14 August 2018

What for was Pangnote created for?

The Pangnote platform was developed by our team in order to centralize the search for offers of hosting services and IT infrastructure. Pangnote is offeringing services and collect information not only for the end users (B2C), but also for the hosting providers (B2B). We strive to ensure that both groups of users of our platform to use it for quick decision making. This decision will be made based on the objective indicators provided by the providers themselves or the data collected by our team.

We want the consumer that has a specific request (for example a server), won`t face with the problem of gathering an array of data in the Internet and comparing them, tons of "subjective" advices and sometimes even disinformation. Now the consumer will only need to visit our platform and get acquainted with the summary table of relevant proposals on his request and make a decision.

With Pangnote, you can place a colocation request and the provider will contact you to offer services. We are the first who collects information about the possibilities of equipment colocation in different data centers, integrates and systematizes these proposals. All this is done to simplify process of ordering this kind of service, because almost all who has encountered such a need knows how hard it is to get a quick response and quote from the hoster.

Pangnote contains data about the offers of many hosters, their working conditions, the cost of services, loyalty. It is obvious that such data will be useful for the providers themselves, you can get a cut of the hosting services market`s state and its dynamics. In addition, on a platform, companies can meet the needs associated with connectivity and network structure. They can find / create a request for IP transit and exchange. Or use the stock table with data for buying / selling IPv4 ranges of all 5 RIRs.

In conclusion to the above, we can determine the exact wording. Pangnote is a centralized resource in which decisions of choice become more objective, weighed, and, most importantly, have a market price.



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