The USA is the most reliable country for building data center
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The USA is the most reliable country for building data center

Let's look at the advantages of hosting in the US and the reasons why more owners/developers prefer to place their projects overseas.
About 110-15 years ago the phrase "hosting provider" in the countries of Europe and Asia was something incomprehensible and untranslatable. Since then, the hosting industry has undergone significant changes. The rapidly growing number of Internet users of websites caused an urgent need for hosting services and made this business very popular.
But let's remember that the homeland of hosting is the USA. This industry in America originated long ago and developed very quickly. The data center boom is for the period 1995-2000. Therefore, the backlog of Europe and Asia from them is quite understandable and logical, because business began to go online there relatively recently. For today in the USA exists about 20 thousand working hosting providers.
The development of this business in America went in very competitive conditions, that's why each company tried to stand out due to the improvement of technologies, quality and quantity of services, while the prices for services were constantly decreasing. They still remain the most accessible in the world to this day. At the same time, the package of services included in this cost contains all the necessary options for the full operation of the site and even more. Plus, powerful servers provide high-quality and stable hosting services.

Advantages of hosting in the USA:
1. Reliability of technical base and equipment, high degree of data protection.
2. Fast and equipped servers have a high throughput, which virtually eliminates the possibility of overloading equipment and lines.
3. Time of trouble-free operation of the server - uptime 99.9%.
4. Low cost, while you get unlimited traffic and maximum resources.
5. The ability to test the quality of services is absolutely free.



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