Dell company has started 2018 by expanding its PoweerEdge server
2018-05-18T11:45:34.728Z18 May 2018

Dell company has started 2018 by expanding its PoweerEdge server

Dell company has started 2018 by expanding its PoweerEdge server line and presented XIV generation with 3 new high-performance computing servers — R6415, R7415 and R7425. According to the president of enterprise Canada at Dell Michael Sharun the server market shows «crazy growing rate» with «unbelievable 37.9 per cent over the last year» and new PowerEdge servers from Dell will keep company`s position as wold leader in units as well as in revenue share.
PowerEdge R6415, PowerEdge R7415, and PowerEdge R7425 rack servers will handle the demanding workloads of DC and using its AMD processor can offer flexible and scalable platforms. In this generation server capabilities were expanded especially to handle with software-defined workloads and high performance computing environments. These 3 new edge servers are designed to go after workload for like Internet of Things, machine learning or AI.
XIV generation provides for database management systems up to 4TB memory capacity and developed for the following environments:

- 32 cores with 1U single socket in R6415. It has 10 PCIe NVMe drives for storage flexibility.

- In R7415 there is 2U single-socket and it is first certified AMD based server platform as a VMware vSAN Ready Node.

- The R7425 has dual-socket which shows for containers, hypervisors, virtual machines and cloud computing improved performance. 64 cores by AMD are providing high bandwidth with GPU capability.

Experts who are already using these new R6415, R7415 and R7425 showed positive reaction and review. They are pointing on encryption and security capabilities, vast amount of data paths servers offer. Experts say that the high performance of servers is delivered thanks to AMD`s processors and gives 20 per cent ownership lower cost in a single-socket.
Business can save on the Total Cost of Ownership choosing XIV generation of PoweerEdge servers with the security features immanent to both Dell and AMD.



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