Tips about how to buy IP addresses
2018-09-03T12:42:43.776Z3 September 2018

Tips about how to buy IP addresses

No one could have guessed that the Internet would become so popular, and to date, with approximately 2.5 billion users, IPv4 addresses are simply catastrophic. Promotes descending addresses of the growing demand for Internet hosting mobile devices that require a unique IP address.

One way to reduce the deficit of IPv4 addresses is to increase control over the distribution of addresses between Internet registries. Also, to save IPv4 addresses, new approaches and mechanisms are developed and implemented in the network. This includes both virtual hosting and the use of the Server Name Indication protocol, and the ability to configure an IPv4 network and apply a technology known as Carrier-grade NAT.

A block of IPv4 addresses of the required size can be purchased on the secondary market in accordance with the official procedure of all RIRs. Many brokers / hosters have a significant database of applications for the sale of IPv4 address networks, from which it is possible to quickly select an offer for your budget. The most important thing is that the buyer should do this to check that all the IPv4-address networks offered for sale have passed the verification of the legal possibility of the transfer without fail.

There are restrictions according to which the transfer of the network is impossible within 24 months from the moment of its receipt or the previous transfer.

1. So first of all, check the merchant's account in WHOIS.

2. Next, you need a sale price. Find the cost of addresses on the market can be done on the platform Pangnote in the corresponding section.

3. Sign the transfer agreement, which is the standard form for each RIR. You can download it from the official website of your RIR.

4. Make payment to the buyer, usually through the guarantor, and then the resources will be transferred to your account.

Especially it would be desirable to note that at the process of transfer of networks the main initiative should come from the seller. Therefore, it is very important to choose reliable partners.



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