How to buy IPv6 address?
2018-09-06T10:55:12.351Z6 September 2018

How to buy IPv6 address?

What for?

Increased capacity of the addresses by using 128-bit addresses instead of 32-bit is the most important feature of the new-the IPv6 protocol. The goal of IPv6 implementation is simple: their amount will be more than enough for all, and you will never have think about its lack. This is very important, because it can simplify routing. Routers usually connect a relatively small number of networks. The simplest example is your home router, which connects your local network to the Internet. For each packet that it receives, it must do one of three things: discard it, redirect it to the internal network, or redirect it to an external network. But let`s be fair, Internet works fine even now, considering that there is a problem with the free IPv4-addresses. The only purpose to buy this resource is to upgrade own system.

Certification of IPv4 and IPv6 address resources

you can ask for Ipv6 allocation if you are already your RIR`s member. It allows you to uniquely identify a network prefix with the number of autonomous system and thus increase the priority of its prefixes in the global routing table of the routers. These services are provided free of charge and it is one more reason to get IPv6 address. But if you will need additional IP subnet, than you will have to find another member who will be ready to transfer it to you.

What is the procedure?

Having LIR status, you can ask allocation on leasing terms (individuals or entities) PA-blocks of IPv6-addresses from another LIR network. The process takes no more than one day, and you receive / 48 IPv6-unit (2 ^ 80 addresses). If you need IPv6-network even larger from / 32 to / 29 (2 ^ 99 addresses) and the opportunity to register in it smaller network for own users in the any RIR - you will approach our service to obtain the status of LIR.



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