Big sales for e-commerce is challenge for hosting
2018-08-10T12:50:02.804Z10 August 2018

Big sales for e-commerce is challenge for hosting

Let's start with the fundamental question: what exactly is the reason for the unstable operation of our site? What makes the site unstable?

1. Accidents related to releases.

2. Errors of administrators: repaired one, and another broke. Unfortunately, such overlays are often hidden and do not go down in history.

3. Errors marketers: incorrectly launched the action, something removed, etc.

4. Affiliate services broke down.

5. Great load on the software. Most often this happens because of points 1 and 2.

6. Physical equipment failure.

Of course, all the situations are different, and the "rating" you can get a little different. But the lead will still be problems associated with changes on the site and the human factor (releases or attempts to optimize something).

In order to avoid this, you need to observe a couple of simple rules:

1. It works - do not touch.

Complete all scheduled work as soon as possible - for a couple of weeks, a month. How early you need to tie up with improvements, tell your story of the incidents. It shows how long the log of all problems lasts. After that, do not touch the site and infrastructure until the load has passed.

2. If you still had to change something in the product for urgent fixing, do not forget about the test.

Regularly, relentlessly, even the smallest and minor changes. First, in a test environment, including under load, and only then transferred to a working environment. And again, test and double-check the key parameters of the site. The main thing is not to hope for a chance.

Steps to resolve the incident

1. Failure detection speed - monitoring delay, receiving a letter from the user, etc.

2. Response time to the incident - someone should notice the report and tackle it.

3. Time to confirm the presence of the incident.

4. Time to analyze the incident and find ways to eliminate it.

5. Time to resolve the incident and problems. It is not always possible to fix everything from the first time, and this stage can have several iterations.

Usually, the support service is responsible for detecting and fixing failures. If the team is large, each of these stages can be performed by different people. And time, as you know, money. In our case - literally. Sales have a fixed duration, and competitors do not wait - customers can spend everything on their sites. Accordingly, it is critically important that every employee knows his area of ​​responsibility and incidents are dealt with promptly.



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