Tips for keeping your infrastructure working during Black Friday week
2018-11-20T23:43:22.877Z20 November 2018

Tips for keeping your infrastructure working during Black Friday week

So far, marketing department is coming up with new promotions, offering to buy five for the price of one the task of the company's IT department to make sure that this whole holiday will not be spoiled due to unstable work or even a complete failure of the infrastructure.

Planning and tests

In order to understand how to adapt your infrastructure to holiday loads, you must first find out what it can withstand the load. Pick the types of tests you want to conduct and the tools you will use for testing. Analyze the test results, make the necessary changes to optimize the work, run the tests again.

Pay attention to the page loading speed because as research shows, users expect the page to load in no more than two seconds. And if the page loads longer than three seconds, two out of five users simply will not wait and leave. Consider using a CDN to speed content delivery.

Provide scalability

You can simply purchase additional equipment and rejoice that you can cope with any load due to redundancy. Unfortunately, this is not very reasonable, because excess power is needed a couple of times a year, and the rest of the time it just consuming electricity and does not bring any benefit to the company. It is much better to choose a cloud solution in which capacity can be dynamically increased. And we can easily help you with this. For example, pay attention to our virtual private cloud service (IaaS). An additional advantage here is that even if the influx of customers greatly exceeds expectations, we will help you to quickly increase power to almost any level required.

Remember about safety and develop a plan B

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to remember about cybersecurity and to make sure once again that you have taken the necessary measures to counter information risks. In particular, hackers can take advantage of the increased loads on your equipment and add more from themselves by organizing a DDoS attack. Make sure that you are ready to quickly fix the fact of the attack and take measures to neutralize it.



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