Using Multiple Domains: what you should know
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Using Multiple Domains: what you should know

Sometimes a company or an individual person has N + 1 domains. Naturally, you want them to work and have a connection with each other. This is useful for example when your company has a multi-segment marketing strategy and you want to make a separate site for each of the consumer segments. But we understand that the more complex the system, the more elements and links exist in it, the more suspicious it looks. Therefore for SEO it is important to accurately describe the need and mechanisms of the Multiple Domains system. Such system in the eyes of Google looks suspicious and the only case when the use of Multiple Domains looks natural is the Multiple Country Sites.

Each segment of consumers get own site
If you are a fairly large player on the market, you know that the product / service needs to be "sold" to each group of consumers in a particular way. So for different countries you will not only use different languages, but even different color on the site. But in this case you will have to face additional costs for the unique content, regular updates, and SEO attention, so this will mean more time.

What obstacles and problems can arise
The first thing with which you will face is increase in expenses for maintaining the work of the sites, their development, support and hosting. Naturally, the costs of this should pay off due to the profit generated by the content of these sites. In this case, it is best to hire a specialist who will be solely responsible for the operation of the sites.
Also, in the case of "merging" Multiple Domains into one specialist who originally developed the system will be able to migrate it correctly to 1 domain.
You should pay attention to removing the architecture of links between sites, because in most cases people are looking for a company by its name, and the presence of Multiple Domains can confuse the visitor.
If you are not afraid to face these difficulties and know exactly why and how you will use this solution, then make sure that you have found a trustworthy hosting partner. 



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