Lenovo presented equipment for DCs
2018-07-09T19:24:01.161Z9 July 2018

Lenovo presented equipment for DCs

In 2017 Lenovo introduced a set of products and solutions for building the computing infrastructure of the data center based on the x86 architecture. The set includes servers, storage, network devices, software and services. In total, 14 servers, seven storage systems and five switches were announced with 2 main brands: ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile.

In 2018 the ThinkSystem server series inherits IBM SystemX and Lenovo ThinkServer products. The server portfolio of Lenovo has become simpler, which will make life easier for both the customer and the manufacturer. Now there is 14 server platforms instead of 21. Servers got unified components that fit any device of the line, and a single controller based on HTML5 that came to replace IMMv2.

This breakdown is due to Lenovo's strategic vision of the future development of data centers based on IDC's predictions that by 2020 the largest growth in the cost of the hardware infrastructure of data centers is expected in the hyper-scalable infrastructure - by 17% compared to 2016; Expenses for high-level computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence will grow by 11%; 10% growth is expected in the field of software-defined infrastructure, and the traditional non-core infrastructure is expected to decline by 4%. New products are designed to meet the needs of customers in the growing areas.

Hybrid cloud technologies have recently been seriously developed, and the software-defined and hyperconvergent infrastructure has radically changed the situation in the construction of the IT infrastructure of large enterprises. These changes have confronted the companies with very difficult tasks, including the revision and modification of the IT strategy and the construction of an IT infrastructure that will be most effective now and in the future.

On the basis of ThinkSystem customer can build various solutions: clouds, supercomputer systems and AI systems, solutions for databases and large data, including software-defined infrastructure. Lenovo offers its own solution for the software-defined ThinkAgile infrastructure at different levels: SDS, hyperconvergent infrastructure and software-defined data center. Together with partners, the company developed SDS Lenovo Storage DX 8200 for several typical sets. NexentaStor implements all the known protocols CIFS, NFS, FC, iSCSI, the system is scaled with expansion shelves up to 7 pb. For users of the Amazon cloud, there is an object-based storage system based on Cloudian software, compatible with the Amazon S3 standard. Also there is a system based on DataCore software, offering file and block access and able to virtualize and accelerate existing storage systems due to the 3D SSD cache.



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