Barriers of the business in digital transformation
2018-08-06T19:20:54.103Z6 August 2018

Barriers of the business in digital transformation

If in 2015 the company placed in the cloud only 10% of infrastructure and computing capacity, now some of them have 90%, but it was not easy to achieve this. On the way to the goal, the company will face the lack of necessary technical skills, security problems, as well as a periodic slowdown in the pace of change. Leading IT managers and consultants identified the main obstacles that hinder digital transformation:

Inhereted equipment and infrastructure

Analysts recommend that "beyond the limited possibilities of analytics and the heap of manual processes" of inherited infrastructures and implement atomization of business processes, machine learning, artificial intelligence, in general, everything that is designed for processing data and making decisions in a rush.

Skills shortage

In addition to the company itself, the technological team must also change. She must acquire the skills necessary to work in a new environment. As studies show, digital transformation is a profound process of change, requiring knowledge and a meaningful approach. Only 15% of managers have the skills necessary to implement digital processes. There are more than a dozen key skills that are required to work with technologies such as AI, block, IoT, digital security and cloud computing.

Changing too fast

Overcoming barriers to digital transformation are those steps that turn an organization into a structure that is ready to constantly change, difficulties give it flexibility and change its very culture. It is not the willingness to change itself that is important, but the pace of change. For example, too fast a pace can "overload the company", too slow - to repel interest in the transformation.

Security Issues

Another obstacle to digitalization has been the increase in security issues. This was reported by 39% of managers and other officials who participated in the IFS survey. In this study, this is the second most important barrier after the unwillingness to perceive digital changes, but for Accenture it was the first. The company was initially prepared for the move to the cloud to put it in front of numerous threats. The situation was aggravated by the aggressive timeline chosen by the company to transfer the legacy software to the cloud.



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