Choose the best way of cloud migration
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Choose the best way of cloud migration

Enterprises that are ready to migrate to the clouds have hundreds of questions. And most often is this: which option is better to use? Transfer, using another platform, refactoring? The reality is that there is no common way for all to succeed. Each variant has its advantages and disadvantages, which should be weighed against each application.

There are several ways to migrate

Transfer. Automatic and fast migration in to the cloud of data, applications without any code modification.

New installation. Like migration, it means creating new virtual machines in the cloud and installing the same software from scratch without changing the configuration.

Use on another platform. Assets are transferred to the cloud with a small update. Containers and virtual machines are used. Changes are made to the application code only if you need to use the platform services.

Refactoring. Here you need a more complex architecture change and often re-coding some of the existing applications to use cloud systems and functions.

If the infrastructure and tasks are not of great value to the business, enterprises can abandon the applications.

Assessing your capabilities

In determining the order of migration, its feasibility and cost-effectiveness should be taken into account. How important is this application for business is strategic? Migrations are often limited in time and money. The resources needed to change platforms or refactorings, it is better to direct to applications of the first kind.

Investment-worthy applications require a thorough cost-benefit analysis. Analyze the development costs and take into account the loss in doing business, which can occur due to the rewriting of a large amount of code.



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