One more time: how dedicated server differs cloud
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One more time: how dedicated server differs cloud

Despite the excess of information on the Internet and at various events, many still for some reason still equate the cloud with the dedicated server. They really have common fundamental similarities. Both dedicated server and the cloud are used to host web resources, databases, software packages, infrastructures (for example, enterprise management systems, accounting systems, sites, corporate portals, file storages, etc.). That means for hosting. All the differences between these two services can be classified on the basis of these aspects.

 - Resources limitation
The difference between these two solutions is primarily that the dedicated server has limited resources and is known to you in advance, and the capacity of the cloud can be changed. Moreover, the difference between dedicated server and the cloud is largely in the approaches to the user. Dedicated server is characterized by a much stronger dependence on the initial configuration of the system compared to the user of the cloud.

 - Root access
Only available for dedicated servers. In this case, if the server is in the cloud, then the configuration procedure is somewhat more complicated than for a normal server. The problem is that instances start automatically and their addresses change and this means you need to spend more time and have a professional who will do this.

 - Price
It's all simple. All services that have the word "cloud" in the title are more expensive than everything else. It is also not necessary to expect that they will become much cheaper. Its cost includes the development and support of the infrastructure itself (balancers, load control and resource allocation system, billing, etc.).
But at the same time the fault tolerance of clouds is higher. In addition, the opportunity to save is, if the load on the application is greatly changed. For example, the application is used only during the working day. Or, for example, the site during the holidays, attendance increases in dozens of times. 



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