Tips on how to avoid problems with the creation and recovery of backup
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Tips on how to avoid problems with the creation and recovery of backup

You can avoid problems with backups if you follow several simple rules. There is nothing complicated. We ourselves try to fulfill them, and, it is necessary to tell, it works. At once we will tell that speech here will go not about technological breaks, and about routine trifles about which many forget.

Trifle 1. Monitoring

Observation or its absence alone can not cause a failure to create an archive copy of the data or restore information from this copy. But these processes need to be monitored so something does not go wrong. The solution can be an automatically monitoring system that collects data and visualizes it for the user.

The second little trifle. Missed notifications

Normally, notifications are sent to the administrator by e-mail. This is a relatively reliable communication channel, although sometimes it may be problems arise. The fact is that everything around is changing rapidly. The server configuration, applications, backup devices and employees - all this is updated, disappears and appears again.

In this case, the perfect solution is the real-time notification mode. It is necessary to establish the process of delivering notifications via several channels. And one person should not receive priority messages. In some cases it is better to make it so that it is a few people.

Trifle 3. The command line does not always help

Yes, many administrators prefer to use console in every case. But the command line can cause the administrator, having made a mistake while typing, will create a big problem for data center.

What can be done? It's best to work with the GUI as well. You can be a professional and make a small mistake that will lead to huge problems. And if a system with GUI-interface is put into operation, in most cases the human error factor will be excluded.

Trifle 4. Reporting and planning

Few people like reporting, even fewer people are attracted to planning. System administrators are no exception. As a result, the effectiveness of the work suffers. In addition, this is only a small part of the problems. There is one more - this is an analysis of reporting coming from other departments. Too often, administrators do not pay enough attention to such reports. And because if that they can miss some critical information. 



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