How IaaS provider organizes information security
2018-08-04T11:26:49.543Z4 August 2018

How IaaS provider organizes information security

In today's article, we'll note some of the biggest security threats and talk about how IaaS providers protect customer data.

Data loss

You can lose data in many ways: it can be damaged by intruders, and you can accidentally delete it. These problems are solved with the help of backup and Snapshot. Most IaaS-providers automatically copy the customer database every day. Therefore, if the provider's customer contacts technical support and reports loss of data, they can be restored.

Clutch surveyed 300 small and medium-sized businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of cloud backup. The results of the survey showed that 87% of respondents are confident in the security of backups in the cloud. Backup also protects against viruses-extortionists. According to Kaspersky Lab, 15 thousand modifications of ransomware appeared in the second half of this year. The total number of committed attacks - 270 thousand.

DDoS and DoS

To launch an application-level DoS attack, cybercriminals analyze the vulnerabilities of Web servers, databases and other cloud resources. According to Corero, 40% of companies undergo DDoS attacks monthly / weekly and daily.

In the first quarter of 2018, such attacks were inflicted on resources in 74 countries. China, South Korea and the US remain leaders in the number of DDoS-attacks. The longest attack lasted 100 hours. Providers protect services from DoS and DDoS attacks. This is facilitated by delivery and distribution networks of the Content Delivery Network (CDN) and application-level security screens Web Application Firewall (WAF).

How to protect data in the cloud

- Data theft entails loss of the company and loss of reputation. To counter attackers, providers encrypt traffic in the cloud using HTTPS and SSL. Additional measures are also used: 2FA, network segmentation, access policy management, API protection tools, artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation.

- Data loss due to encryption viruses, trojans, extortionists, accident or forgetfulness can become irreversible. In order to protect customer data from loss, the cloud provider uses the Backup and Snapshot functions.

- To protect the infrastructure, providers store data in reliable data centers, use encryption, tools to track the environment.

Half of the companies are exposed to DDoS and DoS attacks on an ongoing basis. To protect data and prevent attacks of this type, IaaS-providers launch regular checks, use CDN and WAF.



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