In 2019, more than 65% of enterprises will have a digital transformation strategy
2018-08-03T11:07:52.227Z3 August 2018

In 2019, more than 65% of enterprises will have a digital transformation strategy

IDC expects that next year the expenses on digital transformation, including equipment, software and services, will approach 1.3 trillion. This is 16.8% more than the estimate for the current year, equal to about 1.1 trillion. According to IDC, the companies that work in the industry of discrete (assembly of the final product) spend the most on the transition to digital technologies. It is projected that in 2018 they will allocate for these needs 214 billion dollars.

On the second place with the figure of 133 billion dollars are companies that provide professional services. The third place is occupied by process (pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and coal mining industries, etc.) production (132 billion dollars), the fourth - transport (127 billion dollars). At the same time, the fastest spending on digital transformation is growing in construction (by 32.1% per year) and retail trade (21.9%).

World Bank has estimated that more than 50% of world GDP by 2012 will be associated with the development, application, implementation of digital and information technologies. Already today, investors take into account the level of implementation of IT solutions, methods of using data analysis tools, the introduction of platforms. Based on these and many other studies it is believed that in 2-3 years more than half of the world's companies will start implementing their own strategies of digital transformation. For data centers, this fact should be a kind of trigger for maximum involvement in these processes, given that almost all DCs use the B2B model.

In 3 years the world corporate costs for hosting services and cloud services will amount to more than 0.5 trillion dollars. It is considered that the companies will use multi-cloud solutions and store backups separately. In the next 2019, 40% of digital transformation projects and 75% of enterprise applications will use services related to artificial intelligence (AI). More than 90% of consumers will go to chatbots, and more than 50% of industrial robots will be connected to AI systems. By 2021, the corporate software market will shift to a hyper-agile architecture, with 80% of applications being developed on cloud platforms (PaaS) using micro services and cloud functions.



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