Corporate data centers will be replaced by commercial ones
2018-08-04T12:02:57.175Z4 August 2018

Corporate data centers will be replaced by commercial ones

Vice President of Gartner company said in a corporate blog that by 2025 80% of enterprises will close their data centers. For comparison, today only 10% of companies refused from using own equipment. The reason that companies have denied the content of internal data centers is that they are being replaced by cloud services, IoT devices that are cheaper in terms of capital expenditures, and new requirements of customers who want their applications to be located to them as close as possible geographically. As technology develops, the analyst believes, the data centers will lose their advantages every year.

That in the future computing loads will be located depending on the needs of the business, rather than the physical location of computing resources, so enterprises will have to build a network of partners that will help them create a flexible infrastructure.

However, this technological shift will require the retraining of staff - the knowledge of specialists should become more universal, while CIOs will need to revise the portfolio of enterprise applications, the importance of which will outpace the importance of physical infrastructure every year.

What is behind these changes?

According to Gartner, now many companies face problems when implementing cloud services, developing and adapting projects in the field of Internet of things and peripheral computing to corporate infrastructures. In addition, there are difficulties with applications that are aimed at external customers. Considering that a huge part of enterprises are focused on external customers, companies need to revise their model of working with applications based on bandwidth capabilities of the network, locations of their clients' concentration and geopolitical restrictions imposed by by-laws such as the European GDPR.

Cisco earlier this year reported that by 2021 traffic to cloud data centers will account for 95% of global traffic (88% in 2016). The company estimates that by then more than half (53%) of servers will be concentrated in a relatively small number (600 units) of hyper-scalable data centers (compared to 27% in 2016). Giant data centers will provide 69% of the total processing power of data centers (up from 41% in 2016) and 65% of all data stored in data centers.



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