How to reduce operating costs in data center
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How to reduce operating costs in data center

Owners of DC are always interested in reducing the costs associated with its operation. They invest money in technology development, in newest power supply systems, liquid cooling of servers and so on. At the same time, there are less expensive ways to reduce costs associated with the use of data center infrastructure. Next, we will describe the solutions of Microsoft and Minkels using which companies managed to reduce the operational costs of data centers.

Microsoft reduces costs by improving the OS
Microsoft specialists together with the scientists of The Australian National University conducted a research. As a result, they came to the conclusion that by optimizing the mechanism through which server operating systems use idle computing resources, you can reduce the operating costs of the data center by 25%.

It is very difficult to predict the activity of users because of what the Internet companies are trying use the maximum amount of server equipment, which usually idle. With this problem you can cope using the technology of "simultaneous multithreading". However, most companies deliberately exclude this function. The reason is that for the effective use of this technology you will need the exactly approach that was applied in the research. Otherwise, "simultaneous multithreading" slows down interactive services, such as providing search results in response to a user's request, and so on.

LED lamps from Minkels
Dutch company Minkels, which develops technological solutions for the data center, has produced a series of LED wall-mounted lamps. They are created directly for the needs of data centers in the infrastructure of which hot and / or cold corridors are used to isolate air flows. Lamps are compatible with various solutions. LED-lamps have suitable dimensions for placement in typical hot and cold corridors of data center premises. These lamps have a high brightness - up to 335 LUX. In addition, they can be supplemented with infrared motion sensors, which will further save energy and costs as a result. 



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