Little less conversation, little more actions. How Pangnote plans to reduce the time it takes to find a provider of hosting services
2018-08-18T13:06:27.592Z18 August 2018

Little less conversation, little more actions. How Pangnote plans to reduce the time it takes to find a provider of hosting services

According to official statistics for 2018, there is more than 4.5 thousand hosting providers in the world, and for non-official this number is at least twice bigger. Given that hosting as a service is almost universal and it does not matter where to order it in England or Malaysia. The only thing to consider is ping from you to the server. And how to choose your provider?

Much depends on this choice. Choosing a good hosting provider is like laying a solid foundation for a house: while everything is fine, it's not noticeable, but it's worthwhile to face problems with it, just as hosting immediately comes to the fore. It should be taken into account a lot of variables: technical characteristics, price and taxes, the reputation of the provider, the peculiarities of the legislation of the country where the data will be stored. It can take a whole day to collect all these data for at least a few providers. Still, the sample will be small, and the information you collected may not be relevant.

The Pangnote platform was created to help you make the choice faster. You can consider more factors and look at the offers of a larger sample of providers. We are not striving to give you result less, non-informative messages, as on forms, but towards maximum objectivity. For this we use only digital data or a yes / no choice (for example, providing of DDoS protection).

All this data is collected in one stock table and a list of rating hosting providers is issued. Also, data for each of the parameters (for example bandwidth) can be visualized using a graph or chart. If you have an additional question, Pangnote has the function of online chat with the provider.

The Pangnote platform collects for you a maximum of useful information and you do not waste time for useless queries or search on forums.



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