Chinese manufacturer Loongson will enter the market with 16-core processor in 2020
2018-10-11T08:17:09.957Z11 October 2018

Chinese manufacturer Loongson will enter the market with 16-core processor in 2020

At the end of September, at the 2018 Xi'an Netcom Military-Civilian Integration Forum conference, where the integration and collaboration of Chinese military and civilian specialists were discussed, the information about Godson’s plans for the development of architectures and cores of Chinese developer Loongson slipped. At the moment, Godson 3A3000 and 3B3000 processors for computing systems, for which there is a noticeable demand among civilian and military services, are manufactured by STMicroelectronics using the 28-nm process technology on the FD-SOI plates. These are quad-core solutions with a frequency of 1.5 GHz on the energy-efficient 64-bit GS464E architecture.

These processors will be replaced, as it became known in the course of the company's representative, in 2019 four-core processors Godson 3A4000 and 3B4000 will come. The process will remain the same - 28 nm, as the manufacturer (most likely). The solution architecture will be upgraded to GS464V. On innovations not yet reported. Previously, for example, when switching from the GS464 architecture to the GS464E, the number of computing pipelines in the core was increased from 9 to 12. Therefore, significant innovations can be expected from the GS464V. At least, the processor speed promises to raise up to 2 GHz.

Also in 2019, the SoC park will be updated for all sorts of mobile solutions and telecommunications equipment. The 40-nm 1-GHz SoC Godson-2K1000 will be replaced by the 28-nm SoC 2K2000, manufactured using the 28-nm process technology. The clock frequency will be doubled - up to 2 GHz, which will significantly increase the performance of the solution.

Finally, in 2020, Loongson will release 16-nm processors 3C5000. The architecture will remain the same - GS464V, but the number of cores will increase to 16 pieces, and the frequency will grow to 2.5 GHz. Processors 3C5000 will be released using a 16-nm process technology (FinFET). This means that Loongson will part with STMicroelectronics and transfer to TSMC for service. Also, the developer will go from the plates FD-SOI to monolithic silicon wafers.



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