Do you need to speed up your website?
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Do you need to speed up your website?

How to evaluate the speed of a site? In most cases, this happens subjectively: for example, the owner or developer considers that the speed is acceptable and not intended for the rest of the audience. Even marketers in extremely rare cases understand the usefulness of surveys of the target audience. The source of the problem of a slow site, oddly enough, lies in the process and tasks, which were set during its development.

Often, the website development goes through the following stages:

- the customer wants to be "beautiful";

- the site is promoted using SEO-techniques;

- the focus shifts to content;

- the site is being optimized.

Why can a site take a long time to load and what can I do with it?

The query itself can be broken down into several components: determining the location of the site, setting up a client-server connection, and displaying the data from the client. The first one depends entirely on hosting. If DNS is bad and long, or a big ping connection is required, you must demand better conditions or even move right away. The second and on your conscience, although the issue of hosting we still keep in sight. On what you should pay attention on?

1. Scripts on the server side. If they contain complex calculations, unload large volumes from the database and so on-you should pay attention to them. Sometimes for optimization it is necessary to alter all logic of a site or even to change development frameworks.

2. Scripts on the client side. Probably the most popular reason for "brakes". To cover a site with various useful features - why not? But it is better to refuse all this, except for the most critical moments.

3. Сontent. Do you really need to show this wonderful gallery on the first page? But these lists, for the relevance in real time loaded from the database - without them in any way? Optimizing databases and media files is a whole series of big questions about caching, CDN and query optimization.



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