What problems will the VPN provider face?
2018-09-21T11:11:34.363Z21 September 2018

What problems will the VPN provider face?

In this article, we will examine the cases with which almost all providers of VPN services are facing.

1. VPN as a service that requires increased security

When a customer buys an Internet radio, the worst thing that can happen to him is that the radio will not work and the money will not be returned to him. That how he will lose several dollars max. When a customer buys a VPN, in addition to money for the service, his personal correspondence, cards data, requisites for access to social networks or any other information can get into third hands.

Therefore, in order to successfully sell the VPN it is necessary to acquire loyalty and trust of users. Well, if on some kind of similar services you will have to have excellent reviews. Because without feedback, few people wil not use your service.

Customers should trust you, so lead an honest business.

2. Abuses

An integral part of VPN business, of course, are abuses. The user who paid for the service and started using the VPN can start using it to upload or download content that he does not have rights to. And when an abuse from the copyright owner comes to you if you do not keep logs, and you do not have to keep it, you can not identify which client is downloading illegal content.

3. Firewalls in different countries

In some countries, there is Internet censorship, which restricts access to certain sites. You want to go to some resource, but in Russia it is blocked. You can open the site only by accessing the Internet through the VPN server of the country in which it is not blocked, that is, from almost any. The most effective protection is the "Golden Shield project". It distinguishes between OpenVPN traffic and HTTPS.

VPN is a useful and necessary technology, which copes well with a certain range of tasks. But the security of personal data still depends on the good faith of the VPN service provider, your common sense, mindfulness and Internet literacy.



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