Certification of modular data centers
2018-09-28T13:12:03.946Z28 September 2018

Certification of modular data centers

Uptime Institute has introduced its new data center evaluation and certification system, called Efficient IT Stamp of Approval. The program was called "Tier-ready" which relates both manufacturers / suppliers and users of modular data centers. According to Tier-ready, the supplier can certify its own modular solution, which he sells in order to demonstrate the quality of the product by customers. Well, customers are confident that the purchased solution works, as it was stated, because it was verified by a third party.

Also, the conditions stipulate that after obtaining a "Tier-ready" certificate by any decision, it should be deployed exactly where it was indicated by the customer. After all the work is done, the Uptime Institute allocates a team of experts who are evaluating the deployed modular data center and certify it using the standard Uptime Tier program for already constructed objects with assignment of one of the four levels. Clients, in the end, save time for obtaining final certification.

How long does it takes?

According to representatives of Uptime Institute, usually a team of experts to make a decision on the certification of the facility should spend at least a week "in the field". If the object is built using modular solutions that previously received the "Tier-ready" certificate from the Uptime Institute, then the certification period of the data center for obtaining the "Tier Certified" certificate is reduced to 3-4 days.

According to the Uptime Institute, modular data centers with the "Tier-ready" certificate will have the same level of reliability and fault tolerance as the usual "big" data centers that are built using traditional methods.

Management is confident that Uptime Institute Efficient IT will contribute to improving the efficiency of the DC infrastructure. At the same time, the result can not be achieved only by purchasing new equipment it is required to optimize both the operation of the software and the operation of the hardware infrastructure. In addition, we also need to optimize the technological processes of the DC. The Uptime Institute believes that the new certification system will allow data center owners to show their customers that the DC fully meets all modern requirements, and the infrastructure of such an object is effective and stable.



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